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Keep your watch ticking

Replace or repair your broken timepiece

A clean watch is a happy watch

Did you know that wearing your watch everyday results in build-up of dirt and grime? Consider having your watch cleaned (outside case and band). Cleaning your watch will help buckles and clasps to work properly. Watches that require a battery should be changed once a year. Mark your calendar so that, when it's time to change your watches battery, you always know. This helps prevent unwanted battery leakage which could end up costing you more than a battery replacement.  Please click on images below for detail.

Time is on your side

Have a cracked or broken crystal?

  • Inquire about free watch band cleaning and polishing

  • We carry luxury brands like Movado, Piaget, Rolex, and Ebel.

  • Many style of watches to choose from

  • Antique pocket watches to modern, name-brand watches

We replace damaged or broken crystals.  We adjust watch bands for the perfect fit. Tired of putting money into a watch that doesn't seem to last?


Purchase a "Martinek" watch and it will be last watch you will ever have to buy. Martinek watches come  with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

Ask us how you can have your watch batteries replaced for free for life!

Contact us today for more information.

Never be late again with a watch from Martinek's



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broken crystal

Before Repair  

fixed crystal

After Repair